Why Gauss? Why Now?

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4 min readMay 10, 2023

Four reasons why today is the day for you to look at this safe blockchain

Any brand or project looking to launch on Gauss must go through the curation process.

Gauss is a curated, layer 1 blockchain ecosystem built to give brands of all sizes a platform where they can safely engage and reward their communities with digital assets. Unfortunately, the lack of security and abundance of fraud in the crypto space has been a huge deterrent for many brands to enter the blockchain and take advantage of all the accessible blockchain technologies.

Now, with the permissioned nature of the ecosystem, Gauss can empower anyone to confidently move into the world of digital products and help brands build stronger relationships with their customers and reward their supporters while introducing them to the power and interoperability of blockchain technology safely and securely.

With its secure ecosystem, robust infrastructure, and innovative features, Gauss is poised to become a significant player in the blockchain conversation.

Whether you are a seasoned developer, crypto-curious gamer, or an independent artist, here are four reasons you should consider getting involved with Gauss today.

1. Client Referral Program

Share the Opportunity and Receive Commissions

As this new ecosystem is taking shape, Gauss recently rolled out a generous Client Referral Program that allows you to earn commissions by referring new clients to the platform. If you know of a brand or project that could benefit from Gauss’s blockchain technology, you can introduce them to the platform and receive a commission on their volume should they launch a project within the ecosystem. This is a great way to earn income while helping to build the Gauss ecosystem. For more information or to fill out the Referral form, please visit.

Check out the Referral Program Video Here

Commission percentages to be paid out for those who refer companies to launch on Gauss

2. Gauss Growth Grant Program

Receive Funding for Your Project

Speaking of launching on Gauss, there is an opportunity to receive grants just for doing so.

To support those projects that build with Gauss, 8.5 million $GANG tokens have been allocated for grants (worth $2.5 million at $0.30/GANG) through the Gauss Growth Grant Program. The program is open to anyone who launches a tokenized project on the Gauss blockchain. Grants will vary in size from $50k-250k and will be distributed monthly to selected teams across a 5–24 month term, supporting the projects within the ecosystem is a fundamental priority of the Gauss team. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity by inquiring about taking your project to Gauss, please fill out this launching interest form.

3. Gauss Liquidity Program

Keeping Newly Launched Projects Liquid

Gauss is also introducing a Liquidity Program to provide stability and security within its ecosystem. Gauss will be pairing GANG with new tokens launched within the ecosystem, intending to provide liquidity for new products while adding an anti-rug security measure. This program aims to protect each community individually and the whole ecosystem collectively. Gauss will generally pair 10–20% of a new token’s total supply with GANG, with LP tokens received from this pairing being locked up and Gauss not selling or liquidating the new tokens received from any team at any time for any reason. The specific amount provided and other details such as the percentage of total supply acquired, the new token value, the GANG amount paired, etc., will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will evolve over time as the Gauss ecosystem continues to grow.

4. LCX Token Sale

Buy Into the Gauss Ecosystem at a Discount

Finally, maybe you’re not a brand or someone who has any ambitions for your own project, but are just looking to get involved with Gauss. There is currently a fantastic way to buy your way into the ecosystem at a discount. Gauss is partnering with the licensed exchange, LCX, for a token sale of their native $GANG token. The token sale is also the first blockchain native token sale on a Centralized Exchange (CEX) under modern European regulation. The LCX Token Sale is a great way to get involved with Gauss at a discount and acquire the native token that will be good throughout the ecosystem. Please see the official site to see if your country is eligible to participate in the sale.

Check out the official LCX x Gauss Token Sale page and get on the waitlist now.

The schedule for the historic blockchain native token sale.



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