Getting to Know the Gaussian: Patrick

Gauss Gang
2 min readOct 25, 2022


Behind all of the content, white papers, and avatars are an amazing group of individuals in the Gauss team and community. We like to highlight one member each week to help you get to know the people within the Gauss ecosystem a little better.

Patrick is a CFO & Co-Founder at Gauss

Please state your name for the record: Patrick Rooney

What is your role at Gauss? CFO, Co-Founder & Accounting Troll

What about Gauss has you most excited? Innovation plus trust means a tremendous differentiation in the market, and Gary’s beard.

What was your first AIM screen name? (Don’t lie!) toonz

What is your favorite brand? Like if they came out with an NFT, you would have to grab it? J.R.R. Tolkien

What does a “good community” mean to you? Trusted value system and services. Bearded weirdos are a big plus.

Your favorite band or artist? Today, Tedeschi Trucks Band

The first concert you ever went to? Elton John, Yellow Brick Road Tour

What are your favorite hobbies? Gardening, Hiking, Bodysurfing, Dogs

Interesting fact or talent we should know about? Co-owner, breeder, and trainer of multiple dogs out of Elessar Kennels. #5 Afghan Hound in US, Obedience Trials, and owner of Atlas, the AKC Sighthound Group Judge training video breed standard for Salukis.

Favorite Movie? All JRR Tolkien movies

The last show you binge watched? Game of Thrones

Your favorite all-time video game? Ms. PacMan

Are you doing the dishes now or leaving them for the morning? I’ll wash and put them away now

You’re the second car at a red light. It turns green and the car in front of you does not go. What do you do? I’ll wait 1–4 seconds and honk.