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2 min readOct 11, 2022


Lauren Williams is the Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer at Gauss.

Behind all of the content, white papers, and avatars are an amazing group of individuals in the Gauss team and community. We like to highlight one member each week to help you get to know the people within the Gauss ecosystem a little better.

Please state your name for the record: Lauren Williams

What is your role at Gauss? CSO

First NFT you purchased? I unfortunately haven’t purchased an NFT yet due to their common lack of real world utility. I’m excited for my first NFT purchase with a future Gauss partner though!

What about Gauss has you most excited? I’m most excited for our research initiatives both at Gauss and with our charity fund. I’m also looking forward to building out and implementing our work culture on a large scale. At Gauss, we’re wanting to evolve the crypto space for brands and end users and provide them with an ecosystem that goes above and beyond existing blockchains. The change and excellence we are wanting to add into this space will start within our team. Each of us on the founding team knows what it’s like to work for an employer that doesn’t appreciate everyone’s individual expertise, passions, or need for work life balance. We’re wanting to establish a healthy work culture early on, that will encourage each of us to be our best selves when we come to work.

What was your first AIM screen name or email? (Don’t lie!) christain.g

What is your favorite brand? Like if they came out with an NFT, you would have to grab it? XERO Shoes

What does a “good community” mean to you? I think a good community is one that encourages its members to grow and foster their strengths and talents. Feedback, teamwork, and emotional transparency are especially important in a startup because you can’t learn to work together as an effective unit without them.

Your favorite band or artist? Lindsey Stirling

The first concert you ever went to? As an adult I’ve mainly stuck with festivals over concerts. The first I went to was Purple Hatter’s Ball

What are your favorite hobbies? Drawing, spending time on boats in river sloughs, hiking trails with my partner and huskies.

Interesting fact or talent we should know about? I love to work on art projects in my free time.

Favorite Movie? Joseph King of Dreams

The last show you binge watched? Nine Perfect Strangers

Your favorite all-time video game? The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Are you doing the dishes now or leaving them for the morning? I’ll wash and put away right now.

You’re the second car at a red light. It turns green and the car in front of you does not go. What do you do? I’ll do nothing and wait for someone else to honk.



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