Getting to Know the Gaussian: Gary

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2 min readOct 18, 2022

Behind all of the content, white papers, and avatars are an amazing group of individuals in the Gauss team and community. We like to highlight one member each week to help you get to know the people within the Gauss ecosystem a little better.

Gary Paull Jr. is the CEO & Co-Founder of Gauss

Please state your name for the record: Gary Paull Jr.

What is your role at Gauss? CEO & Co-Founder

First NFT you purchased? A handful of zombie NFTs from NFZ. I liked the art and was interested in the community. Missed out on VeeFriends & VeeFriends 2 though.

What about Gauss has you most excited? So many things… Our team is amazing. Really excited to begin work on Gauss 2.0 and have our omnipool launched next year. Looking forward to the next ten years and beyond though.

What was your first AIM screen name or email? (Don’t lie!) PyrosAgain

What is your favorite brand? Like if they came out with an NFT, you would have to grab it? Civilization, the game. Though it would need to be well executed and preferably on Gauss.

What does a “good community” mean to you? Communities, content, and real engagement are the real future of marketing.

Your favorite band or artist? Two that are tied — HR Giger & Todd McFarlane

The first concert you ever went to? Not sure actually… Went to SpringFest in Pensacola multiple times. They actually had a lot of surprisingly great acts back then.

What are your favorite hobbies? Does building Gauss also count as a hobby? If not, games (tabletop & pc mostly) — though I haven’t played a board game in a while now.

Interesting fact or talent we should know about? Once upon a time I played different games semi competitively and made money playing (well before Twitch launched and it became more normalized).

Favorite Movie? To be honest, Shawshank Redemption and Fifth Element are likely tied.

The last show you binge watched? House

Your favorite all-time video game? Nope… Not picking just one. I’ve loved too many games across different genres.

Are you doing the dishes now or leaving them for the morning? I’ll wash and put away right now.

You’re the second car at a red light. It turns green and the car in front of you does not go. What do you do? I’ll wait 1–4 seconds and honk.



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